Creamy Strawberry Peppermint Smoothie

The other day we went down town and stopped by at the frozen yoghurt place. I tried a strawberry peppermint swirl and was kind of in love with it. A few days later I had total cravings for strawberries and mint. Good thing I had both of it in the house and made up my own super creamy smoothie.



A box of frozen strawberries

1 Banana

1/2 of an Avocado

A bunch of fresh peppermint leaves

Water ( I can’t tell you how much I used. I usually just cover all ingredients with water and it turns out just right.)


Wash peppermint leaves and put in blender.

Add strawberries, avocado, banana and water to blender.

Blend until smooth. if too thick add a little more water. Serve and enjoy!


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